The Collection of Shuzo Takiguchi “Portrait of Shuzo Takiguchi Part 4 – Shusaku Arakawa”


At Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art & Design

The 1968 August edition of the “Cahier des livres” magazine issued by Shoshin Sha featured Shuzo Takiguchi, and collected writings on Takiguchi from poets and artists closely acquainted with Takiguchi. Takiguchi himself also reflected on his life and wrote his “Self-written Chronicles”. Also, 10 artists’ works with Shuzo Takiguchi as the theme appear at the beginning of the magazine.

Part 4 of this session marks the end of this series and will feature Shusaku Arakawa. Shusaku Arakawa not only created works of art like paintings and sculptures, he also pursued his own philosophy of “reversible destiny,” which he realized through architectural projects such as Reversible Destiny-Yoro Park in Gifu, and is known as an artist who advanced philosophical experimentation to “extend life.” Arakawa aimed to intertwine art, philosophy, and science, and was internationally active primarily in New York—but at the beginning of it all, we find Shuzo Takiguchi. Through Takiguchi’s former collection, visitors will have an opportunity to take a glimpse at the relationship between Arakawa and Takiguchi, as well as see the historical backdrop of the era.

Quoted from the Official Website