Selections from the Ishibashi Foundation Collection Special Section NOMIYAMA Gyoji


At Artizon Museum

The Ishibashi Foundation Collection now consists of approximately 3,000 works, including Impressionist paintings from the latter half of the nineteenth century, modern paintings from the twentieth century, modern Japanese paintings from the Meiji period on, postwar Abstract paintings, early modern and modern art from Japan and elsewhere in East Asia, and ancient Greek and Roman art. Here we introduce, throughout the year, a variety of works selected from the collection.

Special Section NOMIYAMA Gyoji
Nomiyama Gyoji (1920-2023) established his own unique style, somewhere between realism and abstraction, during his long career. The Special Section Nomiyama Gyoji exhibition explores the fascination of his work, displaying all 7 of his works in the Ishibashi Foundation Collection. They include 3 recently acquired works being exhibited for the first time.

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