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2014-2 Neither/Both


At Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art


Often, the expressive content – what and how a given thing is expressed and what this means – in a work of art is not clearly indicated. But this ambiguity is not necessarily a shortcoming. In some outstanding works, the image fluctuates between abstract and representational, the meaning encompasses both parody and satire, and several perspectives, suggesting a struggle between the artist’s own divided views, are closely integrated. This dynamism produces depth in a work.
In addition, the amplitude of the expression, leaving us with a different impression each time we view it or changing depending on our experiences and emotions, makes the work even more attractive. Being aware of this ambiguity and actively enjoying these fluctuations and changes is in a sense the true pleasure of art appreciation in which we can experience the work repeatedly and at our own pace.


With this in mind, we present an exhibition of works in which “ambiguity” is expressed in a readily understandable manner. In doing this, we have decided on five sets of opposites to serve as themes for each section of the exhibition to provide a sense of comfort in a situation that is rather unsettled and inconclusive: landscapes / patterns, people / objects, heavy / light, hideous / beautiful, and the self / others.


It is our hope that by experiencing this situation in which there is no clear choice between “either / or,” you will enjoy the richness of a viewing experience that remains essentially ambiguous, and encounter works that you take a liking to and grow more attached to as you savor them with each successive viewing.



ARAKAWA + GINS Tokyo Office