Studies of the "Architectural Body"
The Institute of Oriental and Occidental Studies - KANSAI UNIVERSITY

The purpose of our research is to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to examining the new theories advanced by Shusaku Arakawa and Madeline Gins, namely the theories of “architectural body” and “reversible destiny”, in order to propose a new body theory for the twenty-second century.

The attempt to construct a new body theory by investigating the theories of “Arakawa + Gins” is the defining feature of our study. An interdisciplinary approach is indispensable for studying their theories since “Arakawa + Gins” call themselves “coodinologists” (the term coined by Arakawa) who aim at unifying art, science and philosophy. With that interdisciplinary principle in mind, we propose a new body theory constructed from knowledge of fields such as experiencing theory, comparative studies between Eastern and Western body theories, physical education, the theory of bodywork, representational analytics of fine arts and architecture, environmental ecology, clinical research on rehabilitation and psychiatry and the deployment of the “Arakawa + Gins” project, as well as neuroscience, systems theory and science art.

(quoted from the pamphlet of The Institute of Oriental and Occidental Studies – KANSAI UNIVERSITY)

Call for participation in the first open research conference on July 16, 2016

We are pleased to inform you that the Kansai University (Osaka) has established a 3-year study program on Arakawa + Gins, as “Studies of the Architectural Body” at the Institute of Oriental and Occidental Studies from this April. The first open research conference will be held on July 16th at the university, which starts with the report of our study trip to NY in May, then having a keynote speech by Mr. Masao Morita, independent scholar/mathematician. This conference is only in Japanese. Please keep you posted on our activities @