Sleeping: Life with Art – From Goya and Rubens to Shiota Chiharu


At The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

KV 01

In the past, the National Museums of Art have presented two exhibitions showcasing the facilities’ diverse collection of art: Shadows (2010) and No Museum, No Life? –Art-Museum Encyclopedia to Come (2015). This exhibition, the third installment in the series, deals with the theme of “sleeping.”

Sleep is not only an essential part of human life, it has also served as a source of creative inspiration for artists. Unlike a waking perspective, artistic expressions based on sleep provide us with suggestions about our everyday doubts and worries.

In this exhibition, we present approximately 120 works by 33 artists from many different times and places, and a wide range of genres, including painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, sculpture, and video, asking the viewer to consider how each work expresses the theme of sleep and what it might be trying to convey.

(quoted from official website)