I Want To Go Somewhere Far Away: Primarily from the Museum Collection


At The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

In everyday life, the desire to “go somewhere far away” may cross your mind from time to time. You may have a certain destination in mind, or you may just want to escape the situation you are in. The phrase “far away” is vague, and may mean somewhere geographically distant, or it may just mean anywhere that is not here.

This exhibition was inspired by the 1962 popular song “I Want To Go Somewhere Far Away” (lyrics by Ei Rokusuke, music by Nakamura Hachidai). More than 50 years later, the song still has a universal resonance and continues to stir people’s hearts today. Assembled here are works that convey, in one way or another, a longing for somewhere far away, and a sense of people wandering through extraordinary spaces. Enjoy these works, in which artists express thoughts and feelings about faraway places, and let your mind wander into the distance as well.

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