Takiguchi Shuzo and the Artists Who Captivated Him – Primarily from the Museum Collection


At The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

The art critic and poet Takiguchi Shuzo is known for introducing Surrealism to Japan and for supporting young artists through his criticism. Takiguchi also created a large body of art, including drawings and decalcomanias. In this small exhibit, we present 13 of Takiguchi’s works along with some by artists who attracted his interest. This is not, however, a Surrealist exhibition. Instead, we have assembled these works in order to focus on the way in which the artists dealt with “objects.” Their approaches were highly varied. Some artists removed objects from an everyday context and used them to fire the imagination, while others simply reexamined the wonder of the object’s existence. As you consider what might have drawn Takiguchi to these diverse works, try to experience them through his eyes. You might also ruminate on the things, which lie beyond words, that he was attempting to express in his own work.

Quoted from official website