Words from the Collection


At Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art

Words are an integral part of art museums, playing important their roles in exhibition leaflets, collection catalogs, gallery talks, headset audio guides and the captions beside the works on the gallery walls. Using words to connect the viewer to a work of art can be considered one of the primary roles of a museum. When we stand in front of works in the galleries, there are also times when our thoughts and feelings roam freely in realms beyond those of the words that the museum has given us and we want to communicate our experience to someone in spoken or written words. Doesn’t the museum offer a wonderful range of possibilities as a place where words are born of the encounter between the viewers and works of art? This exhibition focuses on letters, words and text in the works of the museum’s collection as keys that can open doors to a wealth of new images. We hope that visitors will find new enjoyment in the stories about works of art that are unlocked by the words found within them. –quote from Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art website