Bioscleave House (Lifespan Extending Villa)

2008 East Hampton, New York

Start by thinking of architecture as a tentative constructing toward a holding in place. Architecture’s holding in place occurs within and as part of a prevailing atmospheric condition that others routinely call biosphere but which we, feeling the need to stress its dynamic nature, have renamed bioscleave.

Madeline Gins + Arakawa, “A Crisis Ethicist’s Directions for Use (Or How to Be at Home in a Residence-Cum-Laboratory)”

Bioscleave House, the first work of procedural architecture built in the United States, will operate as an interactive laboratory of everyday life. This fully symmetrical house, with a sloping sculpted floor and walls that connect in unexpected ways, will map perception and diagrammatically display the set of tendencies and coordinating skills fundamental to human capability. Within its walls, people will see in detail how astoundingly complex is even the simplest of routine tasks. The fundamental subject of Bioscleave House is staying alive/coming alive to/staying alive to. Thanks to the architectural procedures this house has in play, whoever moves about within it wishing to live forever may do so.

2,700 square feet.
East Hampton, New York.
Completed 2008.