MOMAT Collection


At The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Welcome to the MOMAT Collection!

To briefly introduce some features of the museum’s exhibitions of works from the collection: First, its scale is one of the largest in Japan, displaying approximately 200 works each term from the museum’s holdings of over 13,000 works acquired since its opening in 1952. Also, it is one of the foremost exhibition in Japan, tracing the arc of Japanese modern and contemporary art from the end of the 19th century to the present day through a series of 12 rooms, each with its own specific theme.

In conjunction with the Secrets of National Important Cultural Properties exhibition currently on view on the 1st floor, Rooms 1 to 4 on the 4th floor contain an exhibit that contextualizes Important Cultural Properties through works that are not designated as such. In Room 5 on the 4th floor we are pleased to unveil a newly acquired work by Paul Klee, and Room 10 on the 3rd floor features “Spring Festival in MOMAT,” an annual tradition at the museum.

The museum celebrated its 70th anniversary last December, and has just embarked on a new decade. This exhibition of works from the collection is a look both back at the past and forward to the future, and we invite you to enjoy the many works on view at your leisure.

Translated by Christopher Stephens

Quoted from the official website