AG3 Online: The Third International Arakawa and Gins: Philosophy and Architecture Conference

前 次 ** AG3 Online was hosted by Griffith University’s Centre for Public Culture and Ideas. This site is an archival reconstruction using the original data provided by and with the permission of the then-Centre Director, Professor Andy Bennett. [The Centre for Public Culture and Ideas (CPCI) was renamed the Centre for Cultural Research (CCR) in 2008 and is now the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Reseasrch (GCSCR 2016-)]. The web design has been lost along with the texts from the live-chat sessions and the asynchronous forums. However, in future, the papers originally posted on AG3 Online will become available and a selection of papers from the conference has been published in Inflexions journal #6 (2012). AG3: Conference Objectives​ An architectural surround that is procedural, a tactically posed surround, fills an organism that persons with questions by enabling it to move within and between its own modes of sensing. (Gins and Arakawa, 2002: 58) AG3, the first on-line Arakawa and Gins conference, will continue to explore the practical approaches and research perspectives presented by Arakawa and Gins’ writing and procedural architecture. The First International Arakawa and Gins: Architecture and Philosophy conference was hosted by University of Paris X, Nanterre