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Ambiguous Zones 5


Ambiguous Zones 5: Holiday season


Arakawa and Madeline eating turkey with her parents at a picnic table


Thanksgiving in July, or a heatwave or somewhere warm in November? Madeline Gins, Arakawa, and Madeline’s parents, Evelyn Gins, and Milton Gins enjoy turkey (or duck?) in the great outdoors, ca. 1977.


Dear Friends,


This fifth issue of Ambiguous Zones arrives partway into the holiday season. Like last year, the final few weeks of 2021 may not feel quite the same as previous years, but that is all the more reason to focus on spending time with loved ones, whether in person or online. The RDF archive has no shortage of photographic evidence that Madeline and Arakawa did just that year round. Regardless of how your celebrations shape up this year, we hope these photographs of Madeline and Arakawa dining with friends and family get you into the festive spirit!


In the meantime, we are sending warm wishes for a lovely December!


Yours in the reversible destiny mode,

Reversible Destiny Foundation and ARAKAWA+GINS Tokyo Office



Arakawa and Madeline eating on a couch


Arakawa and Madeline drink coffee and eat pie inside after their meal outside, ca. 1977.



Madeline at dinner party at 124 W Houston


Madeline calls across the table to a guest at a dinner party at 124 W Houston St.



Dinner party at 124 W Houston


Arakawa laughs at a dinner with friends at 124 W Houston St.



5A. 1A04_0957


Arakawa and Madeline eat with a friend at a reception.



Madeline with James Rossant and another man at a meal


Hotpot dinner with friends. Madeline with James Rossant (1928–2009; architect, artist) and another friend, ca. 1978.



Madeline and Arakawa at a meal with friends (1977)


Arakawa and Madeline gathered around the table with friends, 1977.



8A. 1A04_1941


Arakawa and Madeline, post-dinner chat, with fruit and vegetables in a bowl, at 124 W Houston St.



9A. ARA_0172


Arakawa, mid-bite


Arakawa and Madeline with friends at a meal in Japan


Arakawa, Madeline, friends, and a delicious meal


Snapshot of Madeline and Arakawa at a meal


Madeline and Arakawa relax over what appears to be breakfast.


12A. 1A04_0445


Arakawa and Madeline at the cabin in Croton-on-Hudson, Westchester County, NY, enjoying what looks like an enticing Autumnal drink


Shot of a meal on a table in Japan


Arakawa or Madeline enjoying a meal at a counter seat of a Japanese restaurant


14A. 2A06_0491


Arakawa and Madeline with a group of friends, including Yoshiaki Tōno (1930–2005; art critic; on the right at the back), at a restaurant in New York, August 1978


Arakawa with a group of men at a party


Arakawa celebrates with friends and champagne.



Dinner party with Colette and James Rossant, and their children (?)


Madeline and Arakawa share dinner at 124 W Houston St. with Colette Rossant (b. 1932; food critic; on the left, foreground), her husband James Rossant (on the left at the back), and their children (on the right).