Author:Shusaku Arakawa, Madeline Gins, etc.

Published:Collage of Holy Cross and University of Paris VII





Introduction by Jean-Michel Rabate

Arakawa and Gins, Directions for Architectural Procedure Invention and Assembly

Arakawa and Gins, Vital Contextualizing Information for Directions for Architectural Procedure Invention and Assembly


I. Architecture against Death

Hank Lazer, The Art and Architecture of Holding Open: The Radical Yes of Architectural Body

Jean-Jacques Lecercle, The Tense of Architecture

Trish Glazebrook, Architecture Against Mortality: Building Origins

Don Ihde, The Ultimate Phenomenological Reduction

Mark Hansen, The Arche-Technics of Life

Hideo Kawamoto, The Mystery of Nagi’s Ryoanji: Arakawa and Gins and Autopoiesis

Gary Shapiro, Building, Timing, Thinking: Reversible Destiny After Hegel, Heidegger and Smithson

Steve McCaffery, ‘To Lose One’s Way’ (For Snails and Nomads): The Radical Labyrinths of Constant, and Arakawa/Gins

Jost Muxfeldt, Does Death Survive? A Reverse Teleology


II. Poesis and Autopoesis

Martin E. Rosenberg, Constructing Autopoiesis: The Architectual Body in Light of Contemporary Cognitive Science

Michel Delville, The Poet as the World: The Multidimensional Poetics of Arakawa and Madeline Gins

Craig Adcock, The Meaning of Blank in Arakawa’s Early Work

Dagmar Buchwald, ‘Invisible Microphytic Colonies’: Word Rain by Madeline Gins

Mary Ann Caws, The Construction in Question

Lissa Wolsak, Union of Open Sets

Marianne Shaneen, Regarding the Impossible

Marcia Landy and Stanley Shostak, Five Senses to Immortality

Patrick Pardo, Of Self-Marmots and Humansnails: Arakawa + Gins and the Architectural Body

Charles Bernstein, Every Which Way but Loose


III. Vita Nuova — Life On New Terms

Chet Wiener, Some Critical Steps to Life on New Terms

Art Shostak, Helping Sociology to Reinvent Itself: Another G/A Possibility

Shaughan Lavine, The Architecture of a Person

Klaus Benesch, The Architectural Body: Reconfigurations of Space in Postmodern Culture

Sandy Baldwin, Tentatively Dedicated to our Transhuman Destiny

David Kolb, Oh Pioneers! Bodily Reformation Amid Daily Life

Shaun Gallagher, Body Experiments

Jondi Keane, The Multimodal Consequences of Coordinology

Reuben Baron, Towards a Social Ecology of Landing Sites and Architectural Bodies


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