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Distraction Series 1: Children Who Won’t Die, ARAKAWA



Distraction Series 1: Children Who Won’t Die, ARAKAWA


Dear Friends,


In these uncertain times, strength and solace can be found in belonging to a community and we wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for being a part of ours. We are all discovering new ways to access and explore art and its potential. As our contribution, the Reversible Destiny Foundation along with ARAKAWA+GINS Tokyo office is pleased to introduce our Distraction Series, a biweekly newsletter with links to a variety of A+G projects.


Today, we are sharing Nobu Yamaoka's 2010 documentary film, Children Who Won't Die, which introduces the utopian vision of Arakawa and Gins with a focus on the Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka in Tokyo, a culmination of their research into the way the body interacts with the architectural space that surrounds it. With extensive footage of Arakawa speaking about the project, along with first-hand accounts from residents of the Lofts, Children Who Won't Die, offers a look into how the challenging environment of the lofts shifted each person's experience of daily life, opening up into a poignant meditation on life and death. Thanks to the generosity of the film's director, the full-length 80 minute film will be openly available through the end of June (please click the link below to watch.) We hope you enjoy it!


Wishing you all the best in the (remote) reversible destiny mode,


Reversible Destiny Foundation and ARAKAWA+GINS Tokyo office




Distraction Series 1: Children Who Won’t Die, ARAKAWA

w/ English subtitles

80 minutes, 2010

Directed by Nobu Yamaoka

Music composed by Keiichiro Shibuya

Narrated by Tadanobu Asano

Cast: Shusaku Arakawa, Haruo Saji, Yuma Yamaoka, Sono Yamaoka, Residents of Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka



For more information about the film and DVD click below