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2018-1 Collection Highlights & Special Feature: “Women’s March”


At Hiroshima MOCA


This exhibition is made up of two parts: “Collection Highlights” and a special display titled “Women’s March.”


In “Collection Highlights,” comprising a group of works that have been specially selected from the museum’s holdings, we present a diverse range of contemporary art expressions. And in “Women’s March” we focus on works by women artists. The year 2017 was one in which women’s rights and campaigns highlighting discrimination against women gained attention, and in which the word “feminism” came into the limelight. In the art world, interest in feminism grew mainly in the West from the late 1960s through the 1980s, resulting in women artists that had been overlooked in the past being rediscovered, and women becoming more involved in the public spheres of art history and museums. In Japan, the 1990s saw an increase in translations of introductions to, and studies of, Western feminist art. At the same time, exhibitions focusing on women artists were held and works by women artists were collected by museums. Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art has been collecting works by women artists since its opening, but still women artists make up less than ten percent of the total number of artists represented in the museum’s holdings. Works by around two-thirds of this number of women artists are included in this special display.


By looking contrastively at “Collection Highlights,” which surveys trends in contemporary art by presenting a selection of outstanding artworks, and this special display, visitors should be able to gain fresh insights into the relationship between the works of women artists and the art mainstream.



●Collection Highlights

Marcel Duchamps     Jean Arp     Albert Giacometti
Henry Moore     Karel Appel     Leon Golub
Tetsumi Kudo     Yves Klein     Natsuyuki Nakanishi
Jiro Takamatsu     Shusaku Arakawa     Tomio Miki
Kazuo Shiraga     Sadamasa Motonaga     Ushio Shinohara
Robert Rauschenberg     Frank Stella     Donald Judd
On Kawara


●Special Feature: “Women’s March”

Louise Nevelson     Agnes Martin     Nancy Spero
Atsuko Tanaka     Hideko Fukushima     Toshiko Uchima
Yayoi Kusama     Takako Araki     Magdalena Abakanowicz
Yoko Ono     Miyako Ishiuchi     Cindy Sherman
Miwa Yanagi     Tomoko Sawada     Yuki Onodera
Yumi Domoto     Mika Yoshizawa     Yukie Ishikawa
Rieko Hidaka     Noe Aoki


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