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Yoro Art Picnic



Yoro falls, which boasts a 1,300 year history, and the Site of Reversible Destiny, which can be called a sacred ground of contemporary art: Yoro park is home to these two picturesque sites, and it is here that new event will be born. The setting will be the park’s gently sloping lawn. We will line up a number of tents and hold a lively function. There, free from obstructive thoughts, you may open your eyes in wonder while working up a sweat. You may remember someone far away and your heart may pound with the excitement of discovery. With the autumn wind blowing through the brightly colored leaves, you may catch a glimpse of a future that connects the past with the present, and life with architecture. The Yoro Art Picnic is a mere two days, but it is nowhere! We hope to see you there.


Director Masayuki Akamatsu  (Doctor of Art, Professor at IAMAS)


Event Overview ~Objective~

This art event is held in collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (hereafter IAMAS) based on Gifu Prefecture’s “City Park Revitalization Initiative” and in line with Yoro park’s founding principle: “pray for health and longevity, and follow the course of nature and history filled with appreciation for life.” Yoro reaches its 1300th year. In collaboration with the town of Yoro’s “Yoro Era 1300th Anniversary Festival,” we hope to invigorate Yoro Park through regional relationships.


Name      Yoro Art Picnic

Theme     Art and Wellness

Time        Saturday, November 18 10:00 – 21:00
               Sunday, November 19 10:00 – 16:30

Venue      Yoro Park Lawn, Site of Reversible Destiny

Addmittion free



In Yoro park – home of the unconventional and incomparable artwork “Site of Reversible Destiny,” as well as Yoro falls, a natural work of art – 14 artists will present their experiential, experimental art projects. The diverse genres in which these artists work include media art, physical expression, and picture books. Adults and children alike can freely enjoy this picnic-style art event while wandering the park.


Art Projects

01  Sora no Me (Eye in the Sky) – Dr. Masayuki Akamatsu (Professor at IAMAS)

02  Site of Reversible Destiny Talk and Tour – Momoyo Honma
      (Representative, Shusaku Arakawa  + Madeline Gins Tokyo Office)
     ・Megumu Hirabayashi (Curator, Yoko Tadanori Museum of Contemporary Art)

03  AR Art Picnic – Masayuki Akamatsu + ARART Project

04  Yoro Art Night

05  Gourd treasure hunt in the Site of Reversible Destiny

06  Gourd Art Project – Ran Takeuchi (Yoro Gourd Studio Eight 8)

07  Forest and Children’s Art Square – Agihara, Naba, Yusaku
       (Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture)

08  Bike Hack – sy

09  Sound Hack – B3

10  Wielerschool – Wielerschool Japan

11  Taiko ga Hibiku Kokoro ni Hibiku {the Drum Sounds, Resounds in the Heart}
      – Takuzo Kato (Taiko Drummer)

12  Odoru Odoru Yoro {Dance Dance Yoro} – Yoichi Kimura (Dancer)

13  Art Picture Book Picnic – Kenao Takabata (Picture book author)
     ・Sanshiro Sugiyama (Manager of the picture book specialty shop “Okinaki”)

14  Yoro Yoga – Midori Okumura (Laxmi yoga master)



General Direction Masayuki Akamatsu(Doctor of Art, Professor at IAMAS)

A media artist, born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1961. He graduated from the Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School of Arts with a doctorate in art. He creates interactive music and visual works, and in recent years, with the theme of mobility and reality, he has been studying the influence technology has on people and society through his creations. His representative work includes the books “The Max Textbook,” “The iOS Textbook,” the apps Banner, “Decision Free,” and the installations “Time Machine!” and “Uroboros Torch.” He is involved in the development of the IT products “Sekai Camera” and “Funiki Megane.”


Hosted by Gifu Prefecture.

In cooperation with The Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS).

Contact: Urban Parks Division, Urban Parks Management Bureau,
               Gifu Prefectural Government.

〒500-8570 Gifu-ken, Gifu-shi, Yabutaminami 2-1-1

TEL: 058-272-1111 ext. 3773 / 058-272-8664 (direct line)



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