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会場:Benton Spruance Art Center, Arcadia University Art Gallery

出品作品:《Or Detail/Of the Model/Hypostatizing》1980


Drawings and Prints Marking Five Exhibitions at Beaver College (1977-84) – Arakawa, Alice Aycock, Barry Le Va, Robert Morris, Dorothea Rockburne

The car accident of March 25, 1985 (documented in detail by the exhibition in the Great Room Lobby in the Commons) harmed no one but seriously damaged the Richard E. Fuller gallery days before the opening of its next scheduled exhibition.* The only viable alternative was to clear out the painting studio in the Benton Spruance Art Center and hang the upcoming exhibition there. This improvised solution revealed many benefits of the new location, not the least of which was the proximity to the art studios and classrooms in Spruance and Murphy Hall. In the fall of 1985 the college decided to make the move permanent. The new space became known as the “Beaver College Art Gallery,” a name the venue kept until the school became Arcadia University in 2001. Perhaps more significantly, however, the role of gallery director went from being a part-time to a full-time position.


“Coordinates” represents an attempt to honor the programming of the Fuller Gallery and its mission—as stated by Zina Goldsmith, the gallery’s first full-time director—to “offer the public a unique opportunity to experience some of the most challenging art of our time in an intimate environment.” Reviewing the full roster of exhibitions presented in the Fuller Gallery between 1962 and 1985, solo shows by Arakawa, Alice Aycock, Barry Le Va, Robert Morris, and Dorothea Rockburne suggested a continuity of curatorial vision that could be articulated by a group presentation in the gallery’s current space. Each of these exhibitions demonstrates a preoccupation with process and materials that runs parallel to an investment in the generative capacity of systems and documentation prevalent at the time. Questions about the relationship between mind and body circulate throughout.


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