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[Collection Exhibition] 2016-I An Abundance of Sei - Life, Vigor, Thrive, and Spirit




At Hiroshima MOCA


In this exhibition, we consider the enigmatic “something” that is exuded by a work of art by examining four keywords, which share the same pronunciation but are written with different kanji character: 生、勢、盛、and 精.


The kanji character 生 means “to live” or “to create.” Here it used to introduce works that convey the power of life, as seen in emotions such as happiness, anger, pain, and enjoyment, which shine all the more brightly due to their limited nature, and the fundamental energy that is an essential part of life. The character 勢, meaning “vigor,” is used to present an overview of powerful expressions attached to dynamic structures, unrestrained colors, and above all, violent movements. The kanji 盛 means “to support” or “to thrive.” It is used to introduce a group of decorative, excessively ornate works, Pop Art, which makes use of common, disposable images that were disseminated in popular consumer society, and works that were influenced by Pop Art. In the 精 section, a character that has the meaning of “spirit” and “something with a miraculous power, ” we present works that emerged when the artist followed their inner voice and provided as a foundation for their personal revelations.


It is our hope that this exhibition will not only help the viewer realize the extent to which it is possible to express something visually that would normally remain invisible to the eye, such as a concept, powerful act, or mental movement, but that it will also function as a place where they can experience the various types of sei that overflow from each of these works. (quoted from "Official Website")

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