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Re: play 1972/2015―Restaging “Expression in Film ’72”




At The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo


In the 1960s and the 1970s, artists “discovered,” and explored the possibility of film and video as mediums of reconsidering creation and presentation of works.


By restaging the 5th Exhibition of Contemporary Plastic Art: Expression in Film ’72 – Thing, Place, Time, Space – Equivalent Cinema, which was first held 43 years ago in 1972 at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, we introduce a sampling of the film and video expressions that were being created by plastic artists between the late 1960s to the mid-1970s.


The original Expression in Film ’72 exhibition, featuring 16 artists, did not make use of a theater format in which viewers sat in the dark and viewed the works. It was instead a pioneering event that explored the potential of the moving image using an exhibition format in which viewers moved freely through the space and viewed multiple works that were shown at the same time.


Given that some works have vanished, and that technology as well as our own values have changed over the last 43 years, it would be impossible for the 2015 edition to be exactly the same as the 1972 original. We do anticipate, however, that the contemporary and future significance of these over fourdecade-old expressions will emerge from the similarities and differences between the two places and times.

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Film Screening Program: Replay “FILM NOW”

 “FILM NOW” was the three days’ film screening held in 1972 as the related event of “Expression in Film ’72.” Almost all the works will be projected by 16mm film. Don’t miss this precious chance!


Day | 24 October, 25 October, 28 November, 29 November
Time | 14:00-16:00
Location | Auditorium
Admission | please show your “Re: play 1972/2015” ticket at the entrance of the auditorium (the first 140 people)


24 October & 29 November
Aldo Tambellini “Black TV”
Bruce Baillie “Tung”
Stan VanDerBeek “Breathdeath”
Ando Kohei “Oh My Mother”
Matsumoto Toshio “Extasis”
Matsumoto Toshio “Metastasis”
Matsumoto Toshio “Autonomy”
Matsumoto Toshio “Expansion”


25 October & 28 November
Wilhelm Hein + Birgit Hein “Raw Film”
Arakawa Shusaku “WHY NOT”

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